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GABA - An essential fatty acid derivative that your body breaks down to obtain energy. Regulates your cardiovascular system and may lower blood pressure.

Gamma Oryzanol - A by-product of rice bran which helps increase lean body mass while decreasing fatty tissue. Also shown to help increase testosterone production.

Garlic Extract - Has properties of being a stimulant, anti spasmodic and antibiotic. Also helps lower your total cholesterol level.

Gastric Emptying - The movement of fluid and/or food from the stomach into the intestine. The rate of gastric emptying, a key issue for sports drinks, is influenced by a number of factors including the initial volume of fluid in the stomach, the caloric density of the fluid, and the metabolic, hydration or emotional status of the individual.

Generation Iron - Filmmaker Vlad Yudin's tribute to the original Pumping Iron.

Giant Sets - Series of 4-6 exercises done with little or no rest between movements and a rest interval of 3-4 minutes between giant sets. You can perform giant sets for either two antagonistic muscle groups or a single body part.

Ginseng - Highly prized Oriental herb reputed to give long life. Increases hormone production, improves heart rate, regulates blood pressure, improves sexual function and increases vitality.

Glandulars - Supplements derived from animal glands which help boost human gland function.

Glucosamine - Used in the relief of arthritis.

Glucose - The simplest sugar molecule. It's also the main sugar found in blood and is used as a basic fuel for the body.

Glutathione - A tripeptide of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine; fundamentally important in cellular respiration.

Gluteals - Abbreviation for gluteus maximus, medius and minimus; the buttocks muscles.

Glycemic Index - Applies to the amount of sugar in one's blood. The normal range is 70-110mg/100 ml.

Glycogen - The storage form of carbohydrates (e.g. liver & muscle glycogen) in humans. Low levels of glycogen will contribute to the early onset of fatigue during exercise.

Glycine - Of special value as a source of creatine which is essential for muscle function, breaking down glycogen and freeing energy. Produces glycogen which mobilizes glycogens (a stored energy source of glucose) from the liver. Builds up the immune system, producing immunoglobulins and antibodies. Acts as a nitrogen pool for the syntheses of nonessential amino acids. Effective for hyperacidity,(used in many gastric antacid agents).

Goldenseal - A stimulant that increases your body's tonic properties. Stimulates secretion of bile. A key component of the emulsion of your body's fat.

Gorging - This refers to eating large amounts of food at one meal, then waiting for many hours, maybe a full day, before eating again. This is also known as bingeing.

Grazing - This term refers to frequent feedings-eating small amounts of food often.

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