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Generation Iron

Generation Iron Bodybuilding Movie

Generation Iron is filmmaker Vlad Yudin's tribute to the original Pumping Iron. Similar to the original, Generation Iron tracks the lives of the best bodybuilders as they ramp up for ultimate competition, Mr. Olympia.

Yudin digs even deeper into the training methods than the original show. Yudin wanted to show the depth of the commitment and the incredible training routine that the alpha lifters performed. Yudin pointed out that these professional bodybuilders were "way more educated on nutrition than your typical person on the street."

Generation Iron features today's stars, including Dennis Wolf, Phil Heath, Branch Warren and more. Generation Iron also showcases the evolution of bodybuilding from the Pumping Iron era, where for most it was not much more than a hobby, and today it is a full time, all-day profession. The pay differential has also risen since the days of Pumping Iron, when the winner only made a few thousand dollars and today's winner brings home a quarter of a million dollars.

One area that Generation Iron differs significantly from Pumping Iron is that Generation Iron looks at the personal motives of the champions, including the mental side of the process as Yadin wanted to find out what pushes them onward.

As with Pumping Iron, Generation Iron culminates with an Mr. Olympia contest this time it is the 2012 version. One of the main subtexts running through Generation Iron is the question where is bodybuilding headed next?

For more information go to Pumping Iron 1977.

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