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X-Factor - Supplement from Molecular Nutrition containing arachidonic acid in a proprietary fatty acid/oil blend, said to amplifies the body's sensitivity and responsiveness to resistance training.

X-Frame - The ideal physical shape for a bodybuilder, wide shoulders, wide lats, small waist and hips, flaring sweep on the thighs and diamond-shaped calves, with proportionately developed arms and torso that are hard and muscular.

X-Man - Nickname for IFBB professional bodybuilder Toney Freeman because his wide shoulders, tiny waist, and flaring quads give his body the appearance of making an X.

X-Rep - (eXtra Reps) performed at the end of your set, when you can't do any more full reps. While the weight is in the semi-stretched position (working muscle stretched, not contracted) of the exercise, you perform short fast movements.

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