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Taurine - Found in high concentrations in the tissues of the heart, skeletal muscle and central nervous system. Used to treat some forms of epilepsy by controlling seizures.

Tendon - A band or cord of strong, fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bone.

Testosterone - Hormone produced by both men and women which controls masculinization in the body and is the key hormone in muscle building.

Thermoregulation - The control/maintenance of a normal body temperature (36.5-37.5 C). Metabolism, at rest or during exercise, is the main contributor to heat production. Evaporation of sweat is the most effective way to dissipate excess heat produced during exercise.

Thick Skin - Smooth skin caused by too much fatty tissue between the layers of muscle and beneath skin.

Tim Belknap - Diabetic bodybuilder Mr America and Mr Universe.

Tom Platz - Bodybuilder known as The Golden Eagle.

Training Effect - Increase in functional capacity of muscles as result of increased (overload) placed upon them.

Training Straps - Cotton or leather straps wrapped around wrists, then under and over a bar held by clenched hands to aid in certain lifts (rowing, chin-ups, shrugs, dead lifts, cleans, etc.) where you might lose your grip before working muscle to desired capacity.

Training to Failure - Continuing a set until it is impossible to compete another rep without assistance.

Traps - Abbreviation for trapezius muscles, the largest muscles of the back and neck that draw head backward and rotate scapula.

Trimming Down - To gain hard muscular appearance by losing body fat.

Tri Sets - Alternating back and forth between 3 exercises until prescribed number of sets is completed. Universal Law of Reciprocation- The more you help others, the more your life is enhanced.

Truly Huge - Phrase coined by Paul Becker of TrulyHuge.com, meaning as big as possible with out using any artificial means such as steroids.

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