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Rick Wayne Bodybuilding Biography

Rick Wayne Bodybuilder Mr Universe

Rick Wayne was born as Learie Carasco on 27 January 1938 in St.Lucia the island. In 1951 he moved to England and served two years in the Royal Signals, which he spent in Yorkshire. When he returned to civilian life he was singing at a London pub and managed to get an audition with a record producer called Joe Meek.

When his management released his first singled called “Hot Chickaroo” they decided to change his name using a combination of Ricky nelson and John Wayne which is how he got the name Rick Wayne. Unfortunately his single was not a success and Rick went on to do radio where he had his own show on Radio Luxembourg.

During this time Rick was always training at his local gym getting stronger and gaining more muscle on his body every year. He eventually started competing in 1964 and won his first bodybuilding contest he ever entered which was the 1964 Mr Europe.

He then went on to win Mr Universe the year after that and got his pro-card winning the IFBB Mr.Universe in 1967 as well as Mr.World in the same year. He won Mr.Universe a second time in 1969 and the Mr.World again in 1970. He then started writing and went back home to his island St. Lucia.

Ricks articles on bodybuilding were published countless times in Joe Weiders Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazines in the 1970’s and 80’s. He later also wrote for Dan Lurie's Muscular Development magazine in 1994–95. Rick married a former US bodybuilder called Mae Mollica Sabbagh and together started a publishing company called Star Publishing Company.

They started a little newspaper called the St Lucia Star, and two other magazines called the Tropical Traveller and the She Caribbean. Their newspaper the St Lucia Star was a hard-hitting and very controversial newspaper that later incurred the wrath of the two major political parties that had been running the island for decades.

Rick Wayne served as senator in the opposition until 1998, but was eventually booted off the Senate by the then Prime Minister Kenny Anthony because of his opposition to the government that were continuing to guarantee the failing St. Lucian airline.

But Wayne loved politics and became the host of a very politically charged local television talk show that was simply called Talk. He became well-known and very popular for his aggressive interviews and fiery comments related to different ailments affecting his precious island.

Rick was given an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his 8 books that he has written. It was books like 3 More Reps that have made an enormous contribution to bodybuilding generally. Rick and his wife still live on his beloved island of St.Lucia.

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