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Rheo Blair Biography

Rheo Blair Bodybuilding Nutrition Guru

Rheo Blair was born Irvin Johnson on October 9 1921 in New Jersey but moved to Chicago where he studied nutrition and later became the most sought-after nutritionist that specialized in bodybuilding nutrition. He was certainly a genius at inventing new and innovative ways of getting the required protein, carbs and fat mix that a bodybuilder needs in order to gain muscle.

The reason he changed his name from Irwin Johnson to Rheo H. Blair was on the advice of his astrologist. It is only 50 years later that we are starting to see the "good sense" that Rheo was implementing into the perfect bodybuilding diet. His advocacy for eating raw foods is only part of his solution as it involves the correct balance of protein, complex carbs and fat.

Rheo had a wife and two sons that followed him when his advice on protein shakes was sort after everywhere in the country. Rheo also marketed his line of vitamins as well as digestive pills, which were actually just hydrochloric acid that he released to bodybuilders in little round balls.

There is no doubt that Rheo Blair had a massive impact on the sport of bodybuilding and the general knowledge of nutrition and how to manipulate it to achieve your needs. As mentioned above Rheo was certainly unconventional in his methods.

Together with Vince Geronda they advocated the advantage of eating raw foods as often as possible but taking supplements was a big part of getting results. Rheo sometimes recommended that clients take up to 2000 tablets of a certain supplement a day.

He would also use a lot of Soy, which he believed offered a perfect protein that could be easily absorbed by your body. He would combine this Soy powder together with a very difficult to digest complex carbohydrate called oligo-saccharides.

Rheo Blairís innovative thinking on nutrition is what made bodybuilders start to experiment with various options to see what worked best for them. Still today with all the scientific research that is being done we know very little about the fragmentation of foods into supplements and how this affects their effectiveness in the body.

Rheo was the first person to use liver tablets and hydrochloric acid to clean and speed up protein synthesis. The idea is from thinking out the box, a good example is that he was the first person to recommend 95% of our diets protein should come from egg and milk proteins, if youíre a bodybuilder.

Rheo was a salesman who always managed to sell his over-priced milk and egg protein powder to the Hollywood movie stars. His ideas were actually from his mentor who was a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University called Dr.Fredricks.

It was Dr.Fredricks who first told him about hydrochloric acid and also showed him how to make a pure milk protein and egg protein powder. All these ideas were effectively promoted by a likable salesman called Rheo Blair. He obviously did not attribute Dr.Fredrick for the insights and retired wealthy in suburban California.

Official site RheoBlair.com

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