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Pumping Iron Movie

Pumping Iron Bodybuilding Documentary

Not many sports have a significant, seminal event that brought them into the public eye as did bodybuilding and the Pumping Iron movie. Pumping Iron came to the screen at the perfect time just as Arnold Schwarzenegger was beginning to hit the national scene in full force. The time was the mid 70's (the movie was made in 1975 and released in 1977) and the fitness revolution was just starting to pick up steam. The combination of the movie and its featuring Arnold as the prime star made it an instant cult hit and effectively planted bodybuilding's flag for good.

Some people are not aware of it but the movie and the book have some distinct differences. The featured contests are different due to the timing between the two.

The movie tracks a couple of different contests and the major participants as they get ready to do battle in either the Mr. Universe or the Mr. Olympia competitions. It shows some of the top historic stars in intense training, including Arnold Schwarzenegger in California and Lou Ferrigno (before he became the Hulk) in New York.

The scenes from Pumping Iron feature the intense training side of bodybuilding, with a great squatting workout with Arnold and Ed Corney working to exhaustion. The film works its way through the training and all the way up to the ultimate competition. Arnold makes a variety of outrageous statements in the film and effectively plays a head game on Lou Ferrigno. So too does Ken Waller on Mike Katz, showing that bodybuilding is more than just confined to the muscles. Other top bodybuilders also make appearances, including Robbie Robinson, Dan Padilla, Franco Columbu, Serge Nubret, Denny Gable and various others.

Charles Gains and George Butler's docudrama, Pumping Iron, was a turning point in successfully moving bodybuilding from the margins into the mainstream.

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