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Patrick Arnold - the Father of Prohormones

Many bodybuilders who use the sports supplements known as prohormones today are unaware of the man behind these highly effective substances - a US organic chemist and amateur bodybuilder by the name of Patrick Arnold.

Arnold was born and raised in Guildford Connecticut, and started weight training at the age of 11, following a gift of weights from his father. Despite his commitment throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, he grew frustrated at his inability to gain a great deal of muscle mass and became interested in steroids when "a guy in a gym got me a cheap counterfeit steroid that contained just enough methyltestosterone that it added 10 pounds of muscle in all the right places" - as well as igniting his ongoing interest in chemistry, which led to him studying a degree in the subject at the University of New Haven, graduating in 1990.

After graduation he began working at a New Jersey laboratory, and researched bodybuilding supplements in his spare time. During this period he also studied organic synthetics at the University of Connecticut and Montclair State. In 1996 he became friends with one Dan Duchaine, who introduced him to supplement company owner Stan Antosh - who in turn persuaded him to take his research to another firm in Seymour, Illinois, known as Bar North America. It was later this year that he unveiled the first commercial prohormone androstenedione on the US market, and the world of bodybuilding supplements was changed forever. Sadly, he missed out on its full commercial potential, as he only offered androstenedione as an ingredient for the makers of other supplements. He has since rectified this mistake and now manufactures a range of prohormones and other supplements - such as 2001's 1-Androstenediol, or 1-AD, which converts easily into testosterone and represented the first of a new generation of prohormone supplements for bodybuilding. He now markets supplements under the brand names E-Pharm and Prototype Nutrition.

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