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Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) - This vitamin is used for protein metabolism, intestinal bacteria, absorption of ultraviolet rays, hair color restoration and blood cell formation.

Partial Reps - Performing an exercise without going through a complete range of motion either at the beginning or end of a rep.

Partial Reps - Performing an exercise without going through a complete range of motion either at the beginning or end of a rep.

Patrick Arnold - The father of prohormones.

Peak Contraction - Exercising a muscle until it cramps by using shortened movements. Pecs - Abbreviation for pectoral muscles of the chest.

Peary Rader - The founder of IronMan magazine.

Peptide Bonded Amino Acids - Amino acids which are only partially separated from other amino acids. Usually found in chains and joined by peptide bound d.

P.H.A. - Peripheral Heart Action; a system of training where you go from one exercise to another, with little or no rest, preferably alternating upper body and lower body exercises. Designed for cardiovascular training and to develop muscle mass.

Phil Heath - Known as "The Gift" Mr Olympia 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Phosphorus (P) - This mineral is used for bone and tooth formation, cell growth and repair, heart muscle contractions, energy production, calcium and sugar metabolism, and kidney function.

Placebo - A test substance that must be virtually identical (look, taste, and smell similar) to the substance being tested.

Planet Muscle - Magazine founded in 1999 by Jeff Everson, a bodybuilder (Mr. USA, Masters Mr. America) and Strength & Conditioning coach.

Plates - The flat discs placed on the ends of barbell and dumbbell bars to increase the weight of the apparati. Although some plates are made from vinyl-covered con-crete, the best and most durable plates are manufactured from metal.

Plyometric Exercise - Where muscles are loaded suddenly and stretched, then quickly contracted to produce a movement, Athletes who must jump do these, i.e. jumping off bench to ground, quickly rebounding to another bench.

Pollen - Substance found in flowers and harvested by bees. Contains all 22 amino acids and 96 other nutrients. Helps boost energy and endurance and speeds up recovery time. Portion - The amount of carbohydrates or protein one should eat with each meal. A portion is the size of the palm of your hand or your clenched fist.

Pose - Each individual stance that a bodybuilder does onstage in order to highlight his muscular development.

Pose Down - Bodybuilders performing their poses at the same time in a competition, trying to out pose one another.

Potassium (K) - This mineral is used for muscle contraction and relaxation, enzyme activation, heart beat, and growth.

Poundage - The amount of weight that you use in an exercise, whether that weight is on a barbell, dumbbell, or exercise machine.

Power - Strength + Speed.

Power Lifts - Three movements used in powerlifting competition: the squat, bench press and dead lift.

Power Lifting - A second form of competitive weightlift-mg (not contested in the Olympics, however) featuring three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Power lifting is contested both nationally and internationally in a wide variety of weight classes for both men and women .

Power Mindset - The state of being where you feel self-reliant, confident, and strong.

Power Training - System of weight training using low repetitions, heavy weights.

Precursor - A substance which is converted to another; i.e. Beta Carotene to Vitamin A as it is assimilated by the body.

Progression - The act of gradually adding to the amount of resistance that you use in each exercise. Without consis-tent progression in your workouts, you won't overload your muscles sufficiently to promote optimum increases in hypertrophy.

Progressive Resistance - Method of training where weight is increased as muscles gain strength and endurance, the backbone of all weight training.

Protein - The structural component of muscles, connective tissues and enzymes. Protein does not provide an ideal source of energy for the muscle. It is better used for growth, maintenance and repair of body tissue. Meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, beans and nuts are all good sources of protein. 1g of protein = 4 calories

Pump - The tight, blood-congested feeling in a muscle after it has been intensely trained. Muscle pump is caused by a rapid influx of blood into the muscles to remove fatigue toxins and replace supplies of fuel and oxygen. A good muscle pump indicates that you have optimally worked a muscle group.

Pumped - Slang meaning the muscles have been made large by increasing blood supply to them through exercise.

Pumping Iron - Phrase that has been in use since the 1950s, but recently greatly popularized. Lifting weights.

Pumping Iron Book - By Charles Gains and George Butler and it was the first broad peek into bodybuilding that the general public had.

Pumping Iron Movie - The best bodybuilding documentary film of all time.

Pycnogenol - A natural extract from pine tress. Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant and the most readily absorbed and bio-available member of the bioflavonoid family.

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