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Negative Calories Bodybuilding

Start Cutting with a Calorie Negative Diet

To burn unwanted body fats as well as improve the cutting results you need to create a calorie deficit between the fuel you’re putting in your body and what you’re using throughout the day.  A calorie deficit can be created by either performing more exercises or through eating the right food and less of it or better still; through combination of them both.  Starting a calorie negative diet plan is a helpful and fast acting way to reduce body fats and get ripped and lean at the same time.  A calorie negative diet will help you burn unwanted fats to improve your cutting results and it also has the following advantages:

Helps to Reduce Appetite

Hunger is the worst side effect of dieting and it makes many people give up on the diets far too early into the process.  One of the best things about low calorie diets is that it leads to a reduction in appetite.  Studies have shown that when people eat more protein and cut carbs, they end up eating fewer calories.  In simple terms, when people cut carbs, their appetite goes down and thus they end up eating fewer calories thereby burning the excess body fats.

Improved Weight Loss

Eating a calorie negative diet is one of the most effective and arguably simplest ways to burn fat.  This diet technique helps to get rid of the excess water from your body.  Your kidneys start shedding excess sodium as they lower the insulin levels in your body.  This leads to rapid weight loss in the first few days of using this technique.  This diet plan can be very effective for up to six months after which the weight may start creeping back.  Therefore, it is advisable that you continue following this diet plan.

Enables and Encourages Fat Loss

A greater proportion of fat lost usually comes from the abdominal cavity – your stomach.  What determines how fat will affect your health and risk of diseases is not all fat in the body but where it is stored.  Visceral fat is the fat which tends to lodge around the body organs.  Having a lot of fat in important body organs may drive inflammation causing insulin resistance which enables metabolic dysfunction.  Low calorie diets are highly effective when it comes to reducing dangerous fat from the abdominal area.  A calorie negative diet not only increases fat loss but also increases a greater percentage or proportion of the fat loss from the abdominal cavity thus reducing illness and increases general health.  It also leads to reduced risk of heart diseases as well as type 2-diabetes which is becoming more common in today’s society.

Reduction in Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fat molecules found in meats and dairy produce.  Fasting triglycerides in the blood are a great heart disease risk factor and hence where possible you should get rid of these.  When you eat a low calorie diet, there is a dramatic reduction in blood triglycerides as you’re dramatically reducing the level of fat around your body and organs.

Increased HDL - The Good Cholesterol

HDL in full is High Density Lipoprotein and is commonly known as the “good cholesterol”.  LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and HDL refer to the lipoproteins which carry cholesterol around in the blood.  LDL carries the cholesterol from the liver to other body parts while HDL carries cholesterol away from the body parts to the liver where it can either be excreted or reused.  If the levels of HDL are higher, you will have lower risks of heart diseases.  One of the best ways you can increase the HDL levels is by eating low calorie food.

Reduced Insulin and Blood Sugar

When you start a calorie negative diet, the food you eat is broken down into glucose in your digestive tract. The simple sugars in food then enter the blood stream so as to reduce the sugar levels.  Since high blood sugars are very toxic, the body responds with a hormone known as insulin instructing the cells to bring the glucose into the cells and start storing or burning it.  In short, the best method to lower blood sugar as well as insulin levels is by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates.  This is also a very good way to treat as well as possibly reverse the effects of type 2-diabetes.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure is a crucial risk factor for many diseases such as heart diseases, kidney failure, stroke and many others.  Studies have shown that a reduction in your calorie intake can lead to a significant reduction in blood pressure which in turn leads to reduced risks of many diseases.

In conclusion, a calorie negative diet has clear benefits that you’ll see quickly should you choose to adopt this fat burning and weight loss technique.  There are also many other advantages as we’ve detailed, like reduced risk of disease, the ability to help manage illness’ like type 2-diabetes and primarily improving your overall fitness and health.  So in short, do you need any other reasons to give this a go??

About the Author

Having spent many years involved in sport and fitness whilst growing up, through swimming, hockey, soccer and rugby union, Kevin Hodges decided to share his knowledge and experience and created crazygain.com as a consequence.

Now more focused on fitness and bodybuilding Kevin supports more natural training and is keen to ensure the supplements used to improve gains and results as 100% legal and as natural as possible.  With this in mind he supports and promotes legal steroid alternatives like those from Crazy Bulk who specialize in natural steroid alternatives.

Originally started bodybuilding as a hobby and now uses it as a critical part of training as well as using experience to help others with their training, diet and selecting the right supplements to maximize their results.

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