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MuscleMag International

Robert Kennedy's MuscleMag International Magazine

MuscleMag International was the creation of the late Robert Kennedy, who first started publishing the magazine in 1974 in Canada. Kennedy created the magazine to come at bodybuilding from a different slant than most of the typical bodybuilding magazines on the market and he achieved this with his unique publication.

Kennedy knew most of the top bodybuilders very well and was able to provide a wealth of interesting articles, training routines and top quality pictures to help the magazine rise to the top in the bodybuilding genre. He would often invite them to Canada to train and meet with him for in-depth interviews.

Robert Kennedy’s MuscleMag was one of the first magazines to move away from the “canned” shots of bodybuilders and photo them in real, intense training situations. Bob hired the best photographers to get these amazing pictures, which transformed the muscle magazine world and caused other magazines to follow suit. He also gave writers a wide range of freedom to work with and printed this wide range of topical material.

Robert Kennedy was himself quite a writer, innovator and it showed up in MuscleMag. In conjunction with the magazine he also published literally dozens and dozens of books, with some becoming bestsellers. Bob also discovered and promoted a variety of new bodybuilders, who were featured in MuscleMag and then made it into the national limelight.

Robert Kennedy branched out from MuscleMag with a few other publications and he was an early supporter of the women in the world of muscle and started a magazine in this genre as well.

MuscleMag was not beholden to any single organization so Bob freely included the top star from all the federations and organizations and because of this MuscleMag was often the only outlet for some top lifters who didn’t compete through one of the main associations.

Since MuscleMag was tied so strongly to Bob, it staggered when he passed away but has since been revived and you can still buy the latest edition.

For more information go to MuscleMag International back issues.

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