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Low Testosterone Solutions

Natural Solutions to Low Testosterone in Men

Hormones are a vital aspect of physical and emotional health. This applies to men of all fitness levels and interests.  For bodybuilders and other athletes, testosterone is crucial to the muscle recovery needed from intense workouts.  Hormone balance also helps men enjoy a better outlook for greater happiness.

A slew of factors can cause hormone shifts, including loss of testosterone. Men who understand signs of low T can take several steps to boost their testosterone levels. These include natural testosterone boosters, diet and T boosting exercises.  Bodybuilders who actively manage their hormone levels may have a competitive advantage over their peers.

Low T is generally part of broader issues, so customizing an action plan to your unique needs is most effective.

Below are solutions to common reasons behind Low T:

Your Age:

Men over the age of 40 can experience ‘manopausal’ symptoms of depression and unexplained rises in body fat. Disinterest in sex or reduced sexual performance often accompany testosterone loss, as well. Workouts may no longer generate typical results, while your strength and endurance may decline.

If you are over the age of 40 and notice a gradual decline in strength and stamina, hormone changes may be occurring. However, more sudden and drastic changes in your well-being may be tied to broader issues.

How to Offset Age Related Testosterone Loss:

Supplements: Naturally derived testosterone boosters are affordable and convenient choices.  Manopausal’ men should consider testosterone supplements with gamma oryzanol or maca root.  

Each of these natural compounds helps regulate estrogen, without eliminating the hormone. This balancing effect has mood enhancing benefits for emotional health.

Diet: To raise testosterone, men may consider adding nuts and fatty oils to their diets. Testosterone is made mostly from cholesterol, so adding essential fatty acids (EFAs) can boost T levels. Since EFAs are not made in our bodies, we must get them from food sources.

Brazil nuts, almonds and eggs are quality choices for moderate levels of healthy fats. Drizzling olive oil over a salmon salad topped with almonds is a tasty choice.

Workouts: The body produces testosterone to help overcome intense situations. Increasing the intensity of your workouts can produce this response.

For a change of pace, consider High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This approach infuses short bursts of intense activity into workouts. You may use HIIT cardio as an alternative to longer sessions that maintain a stable heart rate. Adding short sprints to your jog or alternating jump rope speeds are examples. 

Choosing compound movements that work several body parts can raise T levels. Bench press, squats and bent over rows are examples that challenge our bodies to produce testosterone.

Medical History:

Some diseases gain strength by feeding on hormones.  Therapies that deplete hormones are often prescribed to slow the spread of mumps and other conditions.

An injury to the testicles can dampen testosterone levels.  Testosterone is made in the testes and genital injuries can inhibit hormone conversion that takes place in this area.

Treatments: You should consult a medical professional for treatment options. A medically prescribed therapy to replace testosterone may be needed. Testosterone boosters and other supplements may be used as part of a treatment plan. 

Basic meditation and yoga may be options to consider. Yoga classes will keep you limber and improve circulation.

Know How Hormones Influence Your Performance:

Your workout, diet and lifestyle choices can all influence testosterone levels. Recognizing the signs of low T helps you take steps to improve mind and body health.

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