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Kai Greene - Bodybuilder known as The Predator.

Ketones - Three water-soluble compounds that are produced as by-products when fatty acids are broken down for energy in the liver and kidneys.

Kevin Levrone - Bodybuilder known as The Maryland Muscle Machine.

Kickbacks - An exercise for triceps, done holding a dumbbell in each hand while bent over with upper arm parallel to floor, and extending lower arms until straight.

Kinesiology - Study of muscles and their movements.

Knee Bends - Squats with out using weight.

Knee Wraps - Elastic strips about 3" wide used to wrap knees for better support when performing squats, dead lifts, etc.

Knowledge - Is power, the more you know the more you grow.

Knurling - A manufacturing process, done on a lathe, where a criss-cross pattern is cut into metal. This pattern allows hands or fingers to get a better grip.

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