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High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training Program

High Intensity Training (HIT) is a style of training that you would expect to originate from a fellow who had the motto "younger women, faster airplanes, and bigger crocodiles." Arthur Jones was an eccentric inventor who not only came up with an entirely new training style, he also created machines to make the most of the new system.

The new system was lethal it had the mighty Sergio Oliva flat on the floor, begging for mercy after a high intensity leg workout under Jones' supervision.

The HIT system was exactly the opposite of the training approaches used by most bodybuilders at that time. Instead of the mass volume and multi-day systems, HIT was based on intense, brief and infrequent training. Instead of training more, the lifter was directed to train less often.

Although not everyone bought into the new system right away, several significant people did, including Ellington Darden, who was able to put the parameters into several books. Then Mike Mentzer picked up the HIT banner (along with his brother Ray) and took HIT to an entirely new level. Mentzer won a variety of titles relying solely on the HIT program and brought a national respect for HIT.

The final step for HIT was to produce a Mr. Olympia winner (Mentzer came close but didn't quite get there, and another notable HIT adherent, Lee Labrada, also came very close) and Dorian Yates did just that. And he not only won it, but did so several years in a row, establishing once and for all that HIT was able to create an unbeatable physique.

HIT has evolved into a dozen different derivatives since then but the very basics of HIT remain the same - intense, brief and infrequent training.

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