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E - This vitamin is used as an antioxidant, increases oxygen availability, ageing retardation, blood cholesterol reduction, strengthens capillary walls, lung protection, fertility, and muscle and nerve maintenance.

Easy Set - Exercise not close to maximum effort, as in a warm-up.

Eccentric - The lowering phase of an exercise, when the muscle lengthens. For example, lowering the weight to your chest during the bench press is the eccentric, or "negative," portion of the exercise.

Ed Corney - The master poser of bodybuilding.

Electrolytes - Electrically charged minerals (e.g. sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc & magnesium). Electrolytes are necessary for the regulation of muscle contractions, conduction of nerve impulses, acid-base balance of the blood, blood clotting and normal heart rhythm.

Ellington Darden - Bodybuilder and high intensity training authority.

Emulsified - A process whereby oil globules are broken down to such tiny size that they are able to disperse and suspend in water without separation.

Energy - The capacity to do work. Energy harnessed is power.

Endurance - Ability of a muscle to produce force continually over a period of time.

Enzyme - A protein produced by living cells that catalyze chemical reaction in organic matter.

Ephedrine - A crystalline alkaloid C10H15NO extracted from Chinese plants (genus Ephedra of the family Gnetaceae) or synthesized and used as a salt in relieving hay fever, asthma, and nasal congestion.

Ergogenic - Work producing; a supplement that increases performance.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) - Fats our bodies can't make, so we must obtain them through our diets. These fats (which include linoleic and linolenic acid) are very important to hormone production, as well as cellular synthesis and integrity. Good sources of these fats arc flaxseed oil and safflower oil.

Estrogen - Female sex hormone.

Eugen Sandow - The father of modern bodybuilding.

Exercise - Each individual movement (e.g., a seated pulley row, barbell curl, or seated calf raise) that you perform in your bodybuilding workouts.

Extension - Body part (i.e. hand, neck, trunk, etc.) going from a bent to a straight position, as in leg extension.

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