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Dan Duchaine Bodybuilding Biography

Dan Duchaine Bodybuilder Steroid Guru

Daniel "Dan" Duchaine was born in Maine on 1952 and developed the reputation as the "Steroid Guru". Dan started bodybuilding when he was still in school and after leaving school managed to convince his family doctor to prescribe steroids as a training aid.

He decided to go where the bodybuilding action was and went to Los Angeles in 1978. After a rather messy divorce from his wife he got seriously into finding and trafficking steroids mainly from Mexico. After doing this for two years he became one of the co-founders of Laboratories Milano in Tijuana.

His first publication of the infamous "The Underground Steroid Handbook" was in 1981 which was a simple 18-page pamphlet specifically focussing on bodybuilders that use drugs for competition. The little pamphlet explained the many different types of steroids that there were available as well as what they look like, the cost and where to get them and how to use them.

Bob placed ads in general fitness and a few martial-arts magazines as well as the few bodybuilding magazines at the time including magazines like Soldier of Fortune. It took about 4 years to sell over 50 000 at $6 each which is what money he later used to establish a partnership in a steroid manufacturing plant in Mexico.

Milano labs then went on to become the largest producer of black market steroids from their state of the art manufacturing plant in Mexico. It was not long before he would finally be caught in 1987 for conspiracy and mislabelling charges.

After pleading guilty on two of the counts against him he was sentenced to serve a three year sentence in a federal prison by Judge J. Lawrence Irving of San Diego Federal Court. But Dan only served 10 months and was released to serve a probation period of 5 years.

After his release Dan met up with a friend who was selling gamma-hydroxybutyrate, which is commonly known on the streets and gyms as GHB. He joined his friend and the two of them started selling together. But they landed up selling to an undercover FDA agent and he was sent back to prison.

He was then convicted for a second time and sentenced to 36 months where in his own words he learnt how to sell and make money with steroids using legitimate ways. This is something that he did as soon as he came out and then in 1988 he introduced Clenbuterol to the bodybuilder community.

He was later also credited for introducing a new drug called 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) which was done by using ten different cassette tapes on information how to create it. As a result of getting a lot of publicity being featured in the November 1998 issue of The New York Times on the front page with the then popular Olympics-inspired series all about steroids in sports, he became well-known.

In January 2000 Duchaine was found dead in his apartment in Carlsbad California by his close friend Shelley Hominuk. He had died from complications related to the use of steroids called polycystic kidney disease. Bob became just another bodybuilder who died after suffering the consequences of steroids long after they were taken.

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