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Cybergenics Bodybuilding System

Cybergenics was a groundbreaking approach to muscle building and fitness in that it was an entire system instead of just parts of an approach. It incorporated training, diet and a nutritional "stack". It also is known to have been one of the first companies to use the "before and after" effect that is so visually compelling. And Cybergenics also fronted the first high cost supplement system, topping the $100 mark for its package.

As well as presenting a hard core training approach, Cybergenics also pushed the marketing envelope with a hard-core sell, employing star bodybuilder Franco Santoriello as a key proponent of the program.

Cybergenics featured multiple nutritional supplements, designed to work together to build the body up to a new level. There is some dispute as to how effective some of the elements were, but the combination of specific high intensity workout and a detailed dietary approach combined to push many people's physique development to more muscle and a leaner look to boot. Even detractors admit that Cybergenic’s brutal training program did the trick with its combination of weights, cardio, and a specific and tight diet. Cybergenics was the precursor of many of today’s multi-faceted training programs.

Official site Cybergenics.org

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