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Branch Warren Bodybuilding Biography

Branch Warren Quadrasaurus Professional Bodybuilder

Branch Warren was born in Tyler Texas on February 28 1975 and has been a Muscletech sponsored bodybuilder since he got his pro-card in 1992. His nickname is Quadrasaurus because of his massive legs and he has been training at the Metroflex Gym in Arlington with Johnnie Jackson since his sponsorship.

Branch started training early in life as a bodybuilder and won the NPC teen national championship in 1993 when he was only 18 years old. He decided that he was going to be a competitive bodybuilder when he was in school and with the guidance of the experts has been trained to compete.

Branch established himself as one of the top 10 professional bodybuilders before the age of 25, which took 4 years of total dedication and extreme focus. Placing second at the 2009 Mr.Olympia Branch looked like he was going to rule the bodybuilding world.

But the very tough competition in this highly competitive sport just gets better and better and he placed 3rd at the Mr.Olympia a year later in 2010. But undefeated by this set back he continued to compete all over the world doing extremely well and winning a lot of competitions as well as the highly coveted Arnold Classic.

Branch had some bad luck when entering the 2011 Mr.Olympia after easily qualifying for the competition he tore his quadriceps tendon, which forced him to withdraw at the last minute. But Branch is a born fighter and came back the next year with some impressive wins all over the world.

He also won the British IFBB grand prix in 2011 as well as the Arnold Classic for the second time in a row. Unfortunately his hard work was and his larger than life muscle mass that he carries on stage was not rewarded the next year when he got a 5th place at the Mr.Olympia in 2012.

Although his competition record for 2013 is good he did not do well at the Mr.Olympia in 2013 and got 9th position, which still puts him as one of the top ten professional bodybuilders that we have on the circuit. He continues to compete on a regular basis and will no doubt continue to improve.

Branch stand 5 ft 7 in or 1.70 meters tall and always comes to a competition looking ripped at around 282 lbs or 128 kg. He is married to the IFBB professional fitness competitor Trish Warren and they have a daughter together called Faith Lea.

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