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Bodybuilding Tips for Women

When we think of bodybuilding for women we often think of a manly, thick muscled woman, but that does not have to be the case.

In fact, it is not easy for women to get very large muscles. The reason is that to have large muscles, testosterone is needed and women do not have it in abundance. Although female bodybuilders pretty much can have similar workouts to men bodybuilders, the main difference is in the upper body strength. Women are usually weaker in their upper body but tend to have stronger legs. For bodybuilding, to be successful, it is not just about lifting weights. To look good you need to have an overall exercise regimen.

A cardiovascular exercise is very important for female bodybuilders. This cardiovascular exercise should be an overall workout such as in running, treadmill or aerobics. It is best to do your cardio training in the morning. Since women naturally carry more fat in their body the weight training has to be consistent. It is not enough to do it once in a while whenever you have time. This will not give you the body shape and tone that you are looking for. It is imperative to have written down in your notes the time, the repetitions and the weights that you are presently using. The reason is that itís very easy to slide by when you are lifting at a certain weight and stop there.

If you stop at a weight amount and not increase it over time you will not see results. Having it written down where your mind cannot lie and play tricks on you will show you exactly what you have been doing and how much you need to increase. When increasing muscle volume in your leg muscles you have to do squats consistently. Calf raises are also very important. If the overall muscles are not in harmony, for instance having bulging thighs and small calves, it will not create the graceful look you are looking for. If you are competing, you will not be able to get in the door. When you begin doesnít feel like you have to lift a great deal of weights at first. If you shoot for three days a week it is fine, try to work out one set of muscles at a time.

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