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Bodybuilding Tips for Skinny Guys

Unless you were blessed with incredible genetics, chances are you could use a few tips to pack on some quility muscle mass. If you've spent most of your life as the "skinny guy", making this transition will not only boost your self esteem, but it will lead to a longer healthier life all around.

Here's a simple fact. To build muscle the right way there are simply no short cuts. Hard work and patience will pay off in the long run. Don't spend your time looking for miracles because they simply don't exist. Stick to the basics and keep it simple.

For starters, let's limit visits to the gym. Be consistent but don't over do it. Shoot for three days a week to start, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for example. Assuming you are using free weights, keep sets and reps low. Four sets of any given movement at six-eight reps per set is a good benchmark. Try to work muscle groups to exhaustion. When you are finished with a set, you should find it difficult to do one more repetition. Rest between sets but don't rest so long that your muscles begin to cramp or cool down. If you are working out in a gym focus and avoid distractions. Remember why you are there.

Keep those calories coming but keep them healthy and productive. You don't need to become a diet expert just use common sense. Foods high in protein such as chicken or fish are important. Keep it balanced as well. Mom always told you to eat your vegetables. We can't always predict where we'll be when it's meal time. Be prepared to pack your lunch if you can. In the long run it puts you in better control of what your body is processing. Supplements such as protein powders may help also. If you spend time on the road, a good supplement will do the trick in a pinch.

Bottom line, work hard and work smart. Don't be afraid to approach a trainer at your local gym. Remember, they weren't born with all those muscles.

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