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Bodybuilding Tips for Cutting

Bodybuilding is not a new type of sporting event; it has been spoken of and documented on film and in numerous magazines for the past 30 years. And while there are many aspects that are often talked about when we speak of bodybuilding, the most important topic is Bodybuilding Tips for Cutting.

There are basically two things that a bodybuilder needs to pay attention to when It comes to cutting for a show; Exercise routines for cutting, and diet, so that the bodybuilderís physique will be ready to step onto the competitive stage.

There are differences when you are in whatís called the off season and the season leading up to a bodybuilding event, and the bodybuilder will actually have to train differently for a bodybuilding show. The basic way to train for a show is to use less weight and do more repetitions in a particular exercise such as letís say a chest exercise such as the upper bench press. The idea behind doing more reps is that you are actually affecting the upper chest muscles and making them contract more, in essence hitting more of the upper chestís muscle fibers.

The bodybuilder would likely want to perform maybe six to eight sets, doing at least a minimum of ten to twelve reps per set with the idea of training to whatís called muscle exhaustion or failure. The other aspect of this type of training is cardio work, which can either consist of say some longer distance running or using a stationary bike or even using a treadmill, but you want to do at least 30 minutes of cardio to raise your heart rate and burn calories.

Diet is another aspect of the cutting process. The bodybuilder will want to start to slowly cut calories as far as food intake is concerned and he or she will also want to eat meals that feature very lean sources of protein such as broiled fish, boneless and skinless chicken, and also limit carbohydrate intake. Choose complex carbohydrates such as replacing processed grains with whole grains such as whole wheat and brown rice instead of processed breads and pastas and white rice. The idea behind this type of dieting is to cut your food intake while increasing your workout regimen so that you are burning excess calories and cutting your body fat levels. Excess body fat is the bane of the competitive bodybuilder, as this can blur the bodybuilderís cuts and striations.

One other thing that some bodybuilders do is drink black coffee before a show, this is said to act as a diuretic and helps to flush out excess water from the upper epidermis of their skin and the muscle, thus giving them that striated muscle look that everyone strives to achieve before setting foot on that contest stage.

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