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Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

So you want to gain muscle mass and definition, but don't know where to start? All the information you can find on the internet and from trusted 'gurus' can actually hurt more than it helps, as it can distract you from the tried and true methods that will help you meet your goals. Here are the foundational tips you'll need to start bodybuilding if you are a beginner:

(1) First, set goals. Of course, you need to set mass and strength goals, such as benching a certain amount, but you also need to set goals for action. In other words, a goal might be "I want to go 10 straight weeks of doing my workouts without missing a day." This is a goal that's well within your control, as mass goals may be slow regardless of the action you do take. Thus, focus on action and goals you can control.

(2) Pick a gym that's clean, has plenty of equipment, and is close by. You may also want to get a personal trainer to at least help you with your first few workouts.

(3) Start slow. Don't try to lift a ton of weight to show off. If you work out too hard, you'll have nasty delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) for a few days after your workout. You probably can't avoid this totally, but you can minimize its affects on you. Know your limits and when you need to start. This is much better than trying to be Superman and ending up stopping your workouts due to injury.

(4) Use proper form - don't cheat! You're not getting the maximum benefit from your workout when you do this.

(5) Eat plenty of food and drink water. These are the building blocks for muscle growth. If you don't run a calorie surplus every day, you will not gain weight - it's just a law of physics. Eat five to six meals a day, and make sure to pack in the protein to each meal. Focus on lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and skim milk instead of red meats loaded with cholesterol and saturated fats, though you may eat them occasionally in order to increase your calorie intake.

(6) Get plenty of rest. Don't work out every day or you'll enter a state of 'overtraining' where you will hit a plateau. Your body will repair and grow during rest, not during the workout, so make sure to get plenty of sleep at night and in naps during the day.

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