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Bodybuilding Tips for Arms

Arms Your Bodies Business Card

Nothing says dominate alpha male like, sleeve ripping, women "oh-ing" arms. To get those arms it takes hard work, dedication, and a plan. You're reading this article so you obviously have the "dedication" so the focus here is on the "plan". Here are some of my favorite bodybuilding tips for achieving that goal.

First! Muscles you want to emphasize must be worked first when your energy is high. You need to isolate and conquer those arms. Your biceps and triceps are working during other exercises like bench presses and seated rows, really during any movements that involve pushing and/or pulling. To really get the full benefit of a great arm workout the muscles need to be fresh.

Motion! As in "a full range of motion" You should stress the entire arm muscle group, both biceps and triceps completely and evenly for fully developed, jaw dropping arms. Don't split up your arms on different days! You should do all arm exercises in the same session. With the possible exception of your abs, you body needs rest to rebuild its self bigger and stronger.

Blast! Your arm workouts should be short and intense. You want to activate and tear down as many muscle fibers as possible in a short time. Blasting the muscles before lactic acid builds up and causes fatigue is key. Our goal is to build your arms as big as possible. In reality the arms consist of small muscle groups and it's easy to over train and over work them so brief workouts and plenty of rest are needed.

Eat! You have to consume plenty of protein so your body has the amino acid building blocks to repair the tissue damage you caused during your workout. Chicken is a proven muscle builder and lean red meat is packed with what your body is hungry for. A good protein powder or RTD (Ready to drink) protein supplement are both great options to boost you recovery. You should take in protein as soon after your workout as you can.

Remember! That there is more to your quest than just biceps and triceps. Your forearms and hand strength play important roles in how heavy the weights are you can train with. These tips along with plenty of rest will have your sleeves straining to contain the beasts you're building in no time.

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