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Bodybuilding Routines

What Are Bodybuilding Routines?

Bodybuilding routines are exercise programs that focus on maximum muscle growth while minimizing body fat to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. These programs vary on what muscle groups should be trained together, how many days a person should workout a week, how many reps and sets to do, and even how long you take to lift and lower the weights.

A bodybuilding routine usually consist of between 2 and 6 sets of 5 and 15 repetitions for each body part. This range is believed to be the best for increasing muscle hypertrophy. The lower range of repetitions, between 5 and 8, is best for improvements in strength. The middle range, between 8 and 12, is used for gains in muscle size. The higher range is good for increasing endurance. More sets should be performed when training is done with lower repetitions. Fewer sets should be done when more repetitions are performed.

Exercise sessions usually last between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. Longer workout sessions can actually cause the body to lose muscle and can be counter productive. Rest between sets should last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Exercises are usually performed in a slow and controlled manner with more time taken on the negative portion of the exercise where the weight is being resisted.

Different Types of Bodybuilding Routines

The following is a list of a few basic bodybuilding routines.

Full Body Routine

All muscle groups are trained in one day. This is a good routine for beginners, but can be effective for any level. A minimum of 48 hours is taken between workouts. Exercises for larger muscle groups take place at the beginning of the workout and progress accordingly from there. This program should be performed no more than 3 times per week.

2 Day Split Routine

There are a variety of ways to designate what muscles to do on each day. This program consists of lifting for 2 days and then taking 1 to 2 days to recover. Some common splits are doing upper body followed by lower body or doing push exercises and then pull exercise. A push exercise is any movement where the weight is moved away from the body and pull exercises are the opposite.

3 Day Split Routine

This routine is more appropriate for intermediate to advanced individuals. The goal is to spend more time working each muscle group to achieve greater results. Muscle groups are divided so they are evenly worked over a 3 day period. A day to recover is taken at the end of this period.

Every person is different and will respond better to certain programs and not as well to others. You should listen to your body and try to find the exercise routine that works best for you and your goals.

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Bodybuilding Routines, Full Body, 2 Day Split and 3 Day Split Routine

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