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Bodybuilding Nutrition Information

Bodybuilding nutrition is a very important aspect of building strength and muscle. In fact, nutrition is often the key to successful bodybuilding. When you start a bodybuilding exercise program it is very important that you eat right in order to achieve your full potential results. However nutrition can be a tricky and complex thing for most people who go into a bodybuilding program. You will need certain nutrients and certain foods in order to get the best results.

The first nutrient you need for successful bodybuilding is protein. Protein is a nutrient that provides muscle repair and construction. During your exercises you will tear muscle fibers and the body needs to repair them. Once they repair the muscle fibers they get bigger and more visible. The nutrient of protein helps accelerate this process. Foods such as fish, steak, chicken, eggs and lean meats are a great source of protein. Shakes are another great substitute for the foods when necessary. Carbohydrates are the other important nutrient and part of bodybuilding nutrition. The carbohydrates give you energy to help you get through your workouts and help protein do its job of repairing and building the muscles. Sources of carbohydrates include whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. These are the essential foods that must be consumed in order to get the key nutrients for bodybuilding.

As well as certain foods, you also need to consume the proper amount of calories. Depending on your weight you will need to consume a certain amount of calories. If you're looking to gain weight then you will need to consume anywhere between 1800 - 2400 calories per day. Losing weight will require anywhere from 1500 - 1700 calories per day. You also need to consume about 60% of your calories as carbohydrates and 40% of your calories as protein. It is also very helpful to consume five to six meals per day during your bodybuilding nutrition plan.

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