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Bob Gajda Bodybuilding Biography

Bob Gajda Bodybuilder of The Golden Age

Bob Gajda is a bodybuilder that has made an enormous contribution to the sport of bodybuilding. It all started when as a football, basketball and baseball player he wanted to use weights in order to improve his performance on the field, which was a completely new concept at the time.

As his coach suspected he not only started to develop muscles but his performance improved radically. Bob then realized that he had discovered something that could help all sportsmen all over the world. He then started setting out exactly what worked and what did not work. Bob knew that when training with a carefully designed weight program that anyone could improve their performance on the track or on the field.

Bob decided to dedicate himself to gaining all the information available at the time about anatomy, physiology including sports performance. Since then he has not only achieved the top of his chosen sport which was bodybuilding by winning the Mr.America in 1966 but has since enabled and inspired thousands of athletes across the world to reach peak performance.

He ended his career as a competitive bodybuilder after winning the FICH Mr. Universe, but Bob continued to work closely with some of the major bodybuilding champions like the multi-Mr. Olympia winner Sergio Oliva. Bob had a passion for the sport and was convinced of its virtues that included character building.

It was Bobís dedication to the cause of bodybuilding that was responsible for the development of Chicago's Duncan YMCA gym, which later had a massive effect of putting Chicago onto the bodybuilding scene. From being a fitness advisor to the Chicago mob to being the first personal trainer to really make a difference Bob has an interesting story to tell.

Bob developed an ability to make a difference to any athlete's performance by training correctly. For example when working with a tall basketball play that can't hit 90 degrees when doing a jump squat he says a three quarter squat is acceptable. In his own words he says "The key to jumping is to train for these dimensions by understanding that there is a stability strength that has to be equalized in developing this idea of mobility strength." Bob believed strongly in training with only your bodyweight but nevertheless would still use some free weights.

Bob realized soon enough that training athletes specifically to increase their strength always resulted in larger muscles. This was the beginning of his design of his training programs that were designed to increase the strength and the core strength, which will always result in muscle growth.

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