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Blair Protein

Rheo Blair Protein Powder

Blair Protein Powder was the creation of Rheo H. Blair (his media moniker; his real name was Irvin Johnson) a nutritionist of legendary status. Blair was a pioneer in many ways and one of the first to suggest eating several small meals a day (six) instead of three big ones. But his big hit was a special protein powder that many bodybuilders found made them grow like crazy.

So what did this special protein powder contain? Blair Protein Powder was based on nonfat dry milk and egg white protein with additional dried whole eggs added, along with some vanilla flavoring and iron phosphate.

The eggs and milk were processed in a special manner - a low-heat vacuum that handled the protein in an undenatured form. Blair must have listened to Vince Gironda on the natural state of protein for he kept the protein in the product as close to nature as possible for a powder product.

One scoop of Blair's protein powder provided close to 20 grams of the highest quality of protein (incidentally, just about the perfect amount needed for muscle recovery after a hard workout, according to recent research). Blair's protein was not a "protein only" powder but also had a small amount of fat and a handful of carbs in the form of lactose.

Blair also focused on getting the calcium-phosphorus ratio right, which he believed was an important factor. Blair focused on a protein that was built on milk and egg input and his research indicated this was the best formula for facilitating growth in the muscles. And whatever he did worked like crazy as bodybuilders (and others as well) kept coming back to him for more of the stuff.

Blair was not confined to the lab he tested the protein on bodybuilders to find its effectiveness. One conclusion was the importance of saturated fat (such as in the form of cream again a Gironda supported idea) was essential for growth. Blair's product produced the top physique of his era multi-Mr. Olympia Larry Scott, who relied on the protein for his training.

Blair wasn't wedded only to the protein powder he advocated other supplements as well, such as amino acids, liver extract, etc. All kinds of myths have sprouted up about Blair's legendary protein and many have tried to duplicate what he concocted long ago.

Official site RheoBlair.com

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