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Arthur Jones Bodybuilding Biography

Arthur Jones The Father of High Intensity Training

Arthur Allen Jones was born on November 22, 1926 and is an inventor that made a huge difference to the health and fitness industry. Some experts will agree that he was responsible for changing the idea that it was not necessary to train for hours at a time like Arnold said to get results.

Arthur was the first person who explained that the High Intensity Training (HIT) method was all about training a maximum of three sets with any movement and that short single sets with maximum intensity will get muscles to grow more effectively that training for hours at a time.

Professional bodybuilders that have used this technique continue to dominate the sport of bodybuilding. From bodybuilders like Casey Viator, Eddie Robinson and Mike Mentzer who did a lot for promoting this kind of method to competitive bodybuilders like Sergio Oliva and Dorian Yates.

Arthur Jones was the man who invented, manufactured and promoted Nautilus equipment. He had a passion for helping orphaned animals but also was an airplane pilot with over 40, 000 hours of flying which was involved in the developing of his import/export company that he started.

The Nautilus machines and the worldwide recognition that it got from movies like Pumping Iron made Arthur a multi-millionaire that got him listed on the Forbes list of being one of the 400 richest people in the USA. At the time there were a few financial analysts that estimated Nautilus was turning over more than $300 million a year.

After selling Nautilus Inc. in for $23 million in 1986 he created a company called MedX which became another world leader in developing, manufacturing and promoting specialized sports and medical strengthening equipment. He developed this company from scratch and sold it in 1996 just before he officially retired.

Arthur died at 80 years old on August 28, 2007 from natural causes in his beautiful home in Ocala, Florida. He had four children with two daughters as well as two sons, one of which was also an inventor called Gary Jones who was responsible for creating the Hammer Strength training machines.

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